Salmon rice bowl

This delicious rice bowl includes salmon, diced avocado and cucumber, crumbled seaweed flavored with spirulina, and toasted seasame seeds. They are seriously satisfying and will definitely leave me craving them again.

This sweet and creamy flavor is a treat for your taste bud. Instead of sushi rice( most people sushi rice to make taste more like sushi roll), I cooked brown rice, which is high in fiber and other nutrients than its white counterpart. Avocado contains healthy fatty acids and gives a creaminess to the dish. Paired with fresh cucumber and unique sauces, which turned bowl into saucy and mouthwatering. Pinch of Spirulina on the top to add more nutrients, 1 gram of Spirulina provides a similar amount of essential vitamins as 1000 grams of common fruits and vegetables, and has 21 times more beta carotene than carrots. Save this recipe and try it out this week for your family, they will be so glad you did.


  • Feb 5 2017